Injections in power station construction

Power station and dam injections

With regard to hydroelectric power stations, it is extremely important that the surrounding rock mass is sealed to ensure optimum energy production. For this purpose, DMI carries out rock and consolidation injections.

The coaxial gap of the armoured conduits must additionally be friction-locked and embedded by means of injections. DMI accomplishes this in the form of coaxial gap and/or prestressing injections. These extremely complex injections are performed and recorded using computer-controlled pumps (also with GIN control).

DMI Spezialinjektionen Süd GmbH has executed such injections on many power station construction sites in Austria to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

FWK - Manschettenrohre

Modern computer technology to control and regulate the injection pumps

EÜ Füllbach- Bohrgerät beim Herstellen der lnjektionsbohrungen

Prutz/Ried GKI Power Station, inclined shaft/pressure tunnel

Renovation and sealing of dams and reservoirs

  • Production of sealing curtains
  • Dam wall grouting
  • Wall reinforcements including needling