Innovations and new developments

Self-propelled tunnel scaffolding

The framework of this self-propelled tunnel scaffolding consists of individual parts screwed together which can be completely dismantled by hand. The working levels (working crane) are made of standard aluminium scaffolding components. The structure is propelled by two frequency-controlled electric geared motors.

Self-propelled renovation scaffolding

Selbstfahrendes Sanierungsgerüst


  • Can be assembled by hand (each part weighs less than 30 kg)
  • Excavation work not hindered (even during assembly) and there is a clear passage
  • Can be adapted to almost any tunnel diameter
  • Base frame can be extended using flanges; further aluminium scaffolding components can be added

  • Quickly assembled (within approximately eight hours with four people)
  • Self-propelled
  • No crane costs
  • Can be transported by a normal freight carrier
  • Infinitely adjustable speed (0–4 km/h)
  • Low weight
  • Can be divided into two individual 3 m scaffolds