DMI Group references

National and international construction projects


Work carried out:

VDE 8.1 Erfurt-Ebensfeld Augustaburg Tunnel / Behringen Tunnel / Sandberg Tunnel Dust-binding impregnation
Pergamon Museum – Berlin Injection work / sealing inexisting structures
Copenhagen, Denmark – Osterbro Tunnel Segment tunnel sealing
Metro Greenline – Doha, Qatar Segment tunnel sealing / injection work in cross-cuts
Brenner Base Tunnel – Ahrental exploratory tunnel Application of silicate to secure excavation work performed using a TBM / trailing cavity filling with cement
U5 underground line, lots 1 + 2 – Berlin Sealing injection / crack grouting in building structure
Cologne suburban light railway Sealing of diaphragm walls
Stuttgart 21, lot 1B Dam and injection rings / tunnel sealing
Monaco Quay wall cavity injection
Rastatt Tunnel Sealing of underwater concrete base plate
Steinbühl Tunnel as part of Albaufstieg (ascent to the Alb hills) Dam rings with cement
Albabstieg (descent from the Alb hills) Dam rings with cement
Trier Lock Sheet pile wall base grouting
GKI Power Station Rock and consolidation injection / grouting of coaxial gap between armoured conduit and concrete
Boßler Tunnel as part of Albaufstieg Dam rings with cement
U12 underground line, Stuttgart – Mailänder Platz Drainage grouting with synthetic resin
U5 underground station Rotes Rathaus – Berlin New construction of U5 underground line, complete overhaul of existing structures at Alexanderplatz / depot area