We lay the foundations

Ground stabilisation

When buildings and structures are extended or converted, the foundations often have to be reinforced or enlarged. Sleeve pipes are inserted into the ground to achieve this. These pipes are used to grout the free pore volume with cement, microfine cement or plastics in
stages. This produces a homogeneous body that can carry the necessary loads.

By means of ground stabilisation and injection of cement and solid material, subsided building structures are underpinned, secured and then raised again. Amongst other things, cements, microfine cements, PU resins or gels are implemented as injection materials.

Quartier 108 Friedrichstraße Berlin
Quartier 108 Friedrichstraße Berlin
A compressive strength of > 50 N/mm2 was achieved for this case of ground stabilisation with a rigid PU resin system.

Injektionsraster Draufsicht
Top view of injection grid for foundation enlargement through ground stabilisation with microfine cement