Normal and extreme drilling performance

General and specialised drilling

DMI does carry out normal drilling work as part of specialist foundation engineering, including anchors for construction pit linings or small-diameter bored piles, but concentrates mainly on specialised drilling such as freezing boreholes, sleeve pipe drilling, core drilling and drilling against pressing water.

Our drilling department is also able to offer all-round underpinning and slope reinforcement services using shotcrete.

Owing to the specifically chosen equipment increments (3, 10 and 18 t), DMI can execute all drilling processes and boreholes and above all also work under extreme conditions. What’s more, our powerful hydraulic core drills, which are small but perfectly suited to our drilling work, enable us to drill boreholes for injection, ground freezing and exploratory purposes in rooms, shafts and tunnels where it is not possible to deploy a crawler vehicle.

Durchbohren einer Stahlspundwand mit Kernbohrungen und Einbohren von Vereisungsrohren mit kleinem Hydraulikgerät
Drilling through a steel sheet pile wall using core drilling
and drilling in freezing pipes using small-sized hydraulic equipment.

We drill:

  • Sleeve pipe boreholes
  • Freezing boreholes
  • Gewi piles (base plate anchorages)
  • Anchors and soil nails
  • Ischebeck anchors
  • Cored boreholes
  • Pipe shields
  • Normal and reinforced concrete (diamond technology)