Masterful sealing

Gel injections

DMI carries out silicate gel injections for soft gel base plates and is one of the few companies that are proficient in two-phase gel injections according to the Joosten method.

Schematic diagram of gel body injection
Prinzipdarstellung Gelkörperinjektion

Protective gelling, for example for anchor boreholes
Schutzvergelung, z. B. für Ankerbohrungen

DMI applies gel injections for:

  • Curtain injections (sealing of structural components in contact with the soil)
  • Masonry gelling (sealing)
  • Horizontal barriers in masonry
  • Sealing of expansion joints
  • Protective injections in tunnel construction
  • Tunnel segment sealing
  • Protective gelling (e.g. when constructing anchors against pressing water)
  • Construction of sealing blocks