DMI Group references

National and international construction projects


Work carried out:

Albdescent Wendlingen-Ulm Sealing Rings / crack injections
Brenner Base Tunnel Austria Cavity fillings
Bosslertunnel – Wendlingen/Ulm Sealing Rings
Railway overpass Füllbach Elevation injections
Metro Redline – Doha-Qatar Core drillings against pressing water
JV Emscher Oberhausen Injection and sealing work
GKI Prutz – Austria Consolidation injections
Koblenz Coffer dam sealing
Metro North – Copenhagen – Denmark Tunnel sealing
Railway overpass Potsdam Caputh Ground improvement with LP injection
Neubrück lock Underpinning and elevation injections
Port Said – Egypt Drillings for freezing pipes
U2 Waisentunnel – Berlin Sealing of the tunnel invert